The thing about Facebook or internet based life is that our channels are a reflection and an outflow of what our identity is – fortunate or unfortunate – it’s who we are on the grounds that we expressed it… we composed it.

Furthermore, regardless of whether we’re in effect genuine or professing to be somebody else, at the point we post something, that is what our identity is (regardless of whether at that point what our identity is an individual attempting to be somebody we truly aren’t).

Facebook gives us the opportunity to state what we need on our own channels. As individuals, we have the freedom and opportunity to be what our identity is, paying little mind to who concurs.

Facebook is set up so that on the off chance that I am your companion and you are my companion, that “kinship” was something we commonly consented to. You requested to be my companion or I requested to be your companion. You acknowledged or I acknowledged. It’s a shared commitment.

On the off chance that whenever you don’t care for what I state or I don’t care for what you state, we can erase, overlook, withdraw, or unfriend each other on Facebook. That doesn’t mean we don’t adore one another. It doesn’t mean we don’t care for one another, and it doesn’t really mean we don’t concur with each other at any rate on certain things. It straightforward implies that comparative with Facebook, one of us or the two of us has picked an alternate sort of association as of now.